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>> smith: tonight, security breach. the gmail passwords of hundreds of u.s. government officials are stolen and google blames china. >> these allegations are very serious. >> smith: i'm harry smith. also tonight, a deadly tornado in an unlikely place. in this season of devastating twisters, central massachusetts is the latest target. rolling out romney 2.0. mitt romney announces his second try for the republican presidential tom nation. and changing the shape of the american diet. the pyramid is out, the plate is in. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> smith: good evening. we begin with a computer hacking case that carries huge international implications. that's because the targets included hundreds of high-level u.s. government officials. google says their personal gmail accounts were compromised and the attacks originated in china. today the f.b.i. was called in to investigate as federal agencies scrambled to find out if the hackers got any sensitive information. wyatt andrews has more. >> reporter: it's the second time google has blamed a major comput
and police officials are responding this morning to the possibility of the city laying off 156 officers because contract talks broke down right before an important deadline. it comes at a time when police need a bigger presence and not a smaller one. amy hollyfield is live at police union headquarters with more. >> the police union officials they walked out of negotiations and if the city called they would come back to the table. time is running out the layoffs will go into place on july 1st. >> both sides agree this a terrible time to be laying off police in san jose. >> i think the rise in the homicide rate demonstrates why i think we need more police officers. >> when you have a homicide rate that has exceeded -- now is not the time to be laying off police officers. >> both sides say they are disappointed. >> i'm sorry wecouldn't come to an agreement. >> it's horrible. you've been on the gravy train, feeding at public trough, feeding the cancer, people that are willing to risk life and limb for citizens, how do you think they would feel? >> both sides agree they should reform their p
. officials say the firefighter suffered non-life threatening injuries and no one else was injured. no word on what sparked the fire. >>> we are following a developing story from the white house. this could be the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. >> tomorrow president obama will outline a plan to withdraw u.s. troops from the 10-year-old conflict. we have a preview of the major announcements and the war where it currently stands. >> the afghan war is not worth the cost. president obama is set to announce tomorrow how many troops will be coming home. >> the president is in the process of finalizing decision on the pace and scope of the drawdown beginning july 2011. >> if we excel awaitaccelerate the withdrawal right now, we're going to lose the war. >> when you look at this installation on the ground in afghanistan, it is bleak. >> the size of the drawdown has to be enough to keep the president's promise. there's word that afghanistan remains too -- there is worry that afghanistan remains too fragile. >> brutal enemies of the afghan people and my people grow weary of our effor
case. the trial is expected to last at least a week. >> some welcome news for ocean city officials, coming up. >> the orioles tried to bring their losing streak to an end before they reach the end of their west coast trip. >> hurricane season starts today. but can the nation afford it? >> record-setting heat and thunderstorms. pnc virtual wallet now comes with spending zone. it organizes all your spending, including your pnc debit card, credit card, and your bills. so you can view them by category... or by month. you can set a budget... and it'll even alert you when you're getting close to the amount you've set -- and when you've gone over. spending zone is built to help you keep better track of your spending. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> the warm weather did not sway people from heading down the ocean for memorial day weekend. ocean city officials say it is a record. it has been 18 years since numbers were so high. officials were only expecting 250,000 people. one thing ocean city officials hope no
while. >>> 75 degrees. >> a missed chance. how federal officials almost topped the dead the tour bus crashed from happening. >> paying out while cutting back. why vincent gray what's the checking our top stories. going door to door in springfield trying to make sure no one is still trapped after the tornado. officials say at least four people died. it knocked down trees and power lines. the governor has declared a state of emergency there. >>> some neighborhoods are still me dark this morning. pepco was able to restore power last night but the lights went out again. the utility says it could be a few hours before power is restored. a school is serving as a cooling center. >>> a plane carrying the los angeles angels baseball team had to make an emergency landing because of a hydraulic problem. the plane landed safely. nobody was hurt. >>> despite a struggling economy, d.c. mayor vincent gray is backing a plan to give some employees hefty pay raises. that could mean an extra $100,000 for some workers. >> at a time when city council is holding hearings on the has turned around and ask t
and dangerously close to the los alamos national lab where radioactive material is stockpiled and where officials insist those materials are guarded and secure. >> our facilities and nuclear materials are protected and safe. >> reporter: they offered no details on how the sprawling nuclear lab is being protected. they did admit there's fire all around it. the sound of the crackling wildfire is the city's warning siren but few are left to hear it. the choking smoke that blankets every inch of los alamos sends thousands from their home before the evacuation became mandatory. >> we live on the ridge so as the smoke was coming in it became too much. we were having trouble breathing. >> reporter: this shelter inside a casino is full of people and anxiety. >> the actual stress of getting out of there -- >> reporter: and many sleeping here know this could be home for a while. >> i learned that last time. you don't get your hopes up too high. >> reporter: every tool has been brought to front lines of a battle that could triple in size. having already scorched the fringe of los alamos officials say winds
disappeared near the chesapeake city bridge around 8:30 p.m. tonight. cecil county fire officials say they did not have much information like the gender of the person they are looking for. tonight they would only say it is a recovery, not arrest operation. police in baltimore are investigating a cutting near downtown. they said the attack happened around 7:30 p.m. this evening close to the subway station. there is no word on what sparked the violence. we are waiting for an update on the victim's condition. of baltimore county man is in jail tonight, charged in a hit- and-run accident that injured two johns hopkins students. officials say thomas green was driving under the influence when he hit the students back in early may. >> when people are out on the weekend, may be drinking a little bit and not looking where they are going, that is usually when it happens. >> anywhere between midnight and 3:00 a.m. as when it usually happens. >> school officials say they are looking to make the intersection sector. the two injured students have completed that spring semester and are expected to return in
center stole the personal gmail passengers of hundreds of senior u.s. government officials. google said the hacker's goal was to eavesdrop on thea,de,-r7v officials, the monitor the content of the users' e-mails. that suggestion of spying rang alarm bells in the administration. >> these allegations are very serious, we take them seriously. we're looking into them. >> reporter: according to a respected security blogger, the attack that targeted the state department looked like this. it was an innocent-looking e-mail that offered the latest u.s./china joint statement. but the the reader clicked on the document what appeared next was this-- a gmail log-in page, which was fake, and which fooled some of the users into giving up their private password. the hackers did not steal government-owned e-mails but u.s. officials who work at home frequently use gmail to do government business. white house teams often use gmail to communicate where and when the president might travel. the risk is growing that too much secure information is being sent on nonsecure systems. >> anyone who works in governm
home. the officials expect it will be three or four days before they can come back safely and begin the long process of rebuilding. all that straight ahead on this monday morning. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringlech the weather was out-- pringle. the weather was outstanding this weekend. >> let's say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. sometimes the benefit of that cloud cover and humidity down holds temperatures down a nice break for a lot of us to be outside. notice this morning that a fair a clouds and showers to the south seemingly eroding away. there a's -- there's a bubble on top of maryland. we watched the showers and storms. and now we have moisture seemingly having trouble but generating some showers in the eastern shore. there's just a thin layer of high clouds and the moon slipping through. 72 this morning in baltimore and easton. so we have ourselves a little hint of the heat and some mugginess back into the picture. yes, while we have showers to the south, a slight chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. we will
. >>> and a super strain. u.s. food officials tighten inspections as a deadly e. coli outbreak in europe gets worse. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, june 3rd. captioning funded by cbs g news" fforr for friday >>> good morning, everyone. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. >>> there are indications the investigation into whether john edwards misused campaign money to end today with an indictment or plea deal. joel brown is in washington with details. joel, good morning to you. >> reporter: terrell, good morning. his infidelity ended his political career, broke up his family and drove him into hiding, but for john edwards, it's about to get much worse. the associated press reports criminal charges are expected today. since 2008 a federal grand jury has been investigating whether edwards misused up to a million dollars in presidential campaign contributions to cover up his long-term affair and out of wedlock child with former aide rielle hunter. edwards has always denied any criminal wrongdoing. his lawyers call the investigation unprecedented and wrong on the law and the facts. but just
, google says chinese hackers have tarringed e-mail accounts of 12 u.s. officials. >> a controversial damn in the brazilian amazon gets approval. opponents say it will destroy the ecosystem. >> we begin in syria where a 13-year-old boy has become the symbol of anti-government protests. hamza al-khatib was abtucted and tortured to death by local security forces. this contains graphic images. >> uprisings often need a human face. this is the face of syrian's revolt. 13-year-old hamza al-khatib allegedly tortured to death by local security forces. images are impossible to verify. the body appears battered with gunshot wounds and signs of horriffic torture. at his few radical -- at his funeral, his family was in no doubt. so what happened to the 13-year-old? it seems over a month ago hamza was picked up by security forces. fimely last week his body was returned. his family says they were threatened and told to stay silent. they found signs of torture. his neck broken and mutilation of his genitals. images spread fast on facebook and youtube. sensing the damage, syrian tv broadcast a lengthy de
that has killed 18 people in europe and made 1600 others ill. global health officials are racing to contain the disease that has centered on germany. they don't know where the new strain comes from. >> this is the front line for the battle against the bacteria. some of the victims of a novel type of nikolai. -- e. coli. >> there was a fear among the staff, says this intensive care nurse. nobody knows where this is coming from or where it will lead. identifying the bacteria is the first task. analysis has revealed the virulence, understanding it should help trace its source. >> this is an unprecedented outbreak. is not quite the biggest in terms of number of cases, but the number of cases of people with complications, it will be the biggest in terms of number of deaths. >> confirmed today is that the bacteria is a hybrid. that means other types of nikolai -- e.coli produce it. the more serious conditions can follow including kidney failure and damage to the nervous system. how can it be tackled? antibiotics might not work. this strain is resistant to some. the incubation time is 8 days. the
, but officials have ordered already weary residents to boil their drinking water in case the supply is contaminated. >> until there is a significant reduction in the water level we all have to remain vigilant. >> reporter: the souris river crested in minot about two feet lower than forecast, but still shattered a record set in the 1880s. the historic flooding across the region is due to heavy spring rains and record snow pack. nearby the missouri river reached new highs and areas downstream continue to be threatened. this week, saint joseph, missouri, a city of more than 75,000 people, could see the worst flooding since the 1990s. in nebraska, a temporary barrier protecting a nuclear power plant along the missouri river deflated. officials said the plant was not affected. in minot, 4,000 homes and businesses have been damaged and more than 11,000 people have been evacuated. for residents allowed in to evacuated areas for the first time, the scene was stunning. >> you hear so much about what it's like out here. but when you actually see your house, and you know it's -- it's not just
, the flames have destroyed five buildings and torched nearly 230,000 acres of forest. officials believe the blaze was sparked by an abandoned campfire. >>> and it is a much different story in the midwest where residents and crews are scrambling to save a southwest iowa town from the swollen missouri river. a levee has been breached in two places near the town of hamburg and officials are expecting new breaches in the coming days. officials say crews are working around the clock to construct a secondary barrier. but if that doesn't work, portions of the community could be under eight feet of water for weeks. >>> overseas, german health officials still don't know what's caused a deadly e. coli outbreak that's so far has killed 23 people and sickened more than 2,300. this morning, german officials are backtracking from blame thing an organic farm saying tests showed no connection between the sprout grown there and the suspected strain. two u.s. soldiers have been treated for suspected ecoli infections. european union agriculture ministers are holding emergency talks in belgium today to dis
the department of transportation. this is a unique event. by bringing these two sets of government officials together, energy efficiency and transportation officials, we hope to set a new agenda in the region for energy-efficient transportation. we have a lot of interest in this opportunity. from september 14 through 17, the women in economies summit. this is such an important event. my boss, secretary clinton, will be chairing it. but it is also a unique opportunity for apec to set the agenda for how the economies of the region should endeavor to increase women on entrepreneurship and women's participation director region. we expect this set of meetings to result in a set of findings which will then be in north by the leaders in hawaii to establish a new understanding throughout the region on how to pursue issues in this area. lorraine is going to give you a more detailed briefing on the meeting in a moment. another one to highlight is the health systems innovation dialogue on september 16 and 17, which will also involve senior government officials as well as private sector officials, the f
in arizona history and officials believe the fire was started by a campfirech the two people are not -- campfire. the two people are not called suspect and officials have not speculated whether charges will be filed. the fire which is 20% contained is 750 square miles and evacuation orders remain in certain towns. >>> the crew of the uss vinson pulled into san diego yesterday with a lot of fans to welcome them. this ship is one that buried osama bin lad ann body at sea. the -- osama bin laden's body at sea. they returned back in may and were picked up by several navy seals teams careity bod every osama bin laden after the seals attacked his home. >> i think everybody was pretty stoked. that first week of may, everybody was sitting there looking around very proud to have been part of that piece of history. >> the u.s. military the official say bin lad ann body was tipped into the oceana a reledge -- oh -- ocean after a religious ceremony and remarks were made. >>> facebook revolutionized how we communicate but now the social networking site has a new change and it could be com
palace. also injured seven top officials, including the yemen's prime minister. top security advisor and two heads of parliament. we're told the group was praying in the compound's mosque when the rockets hit. as you may know, yemen is small and pour but it is hugely important on the world stage it is critical to the battle against al qaeda. and months of instability and violence there have played a big part in this year's rising oil prices. in fact, hundreds have died in protests demanding the president step down part of the arab spring. so far he has refused to do so. fox report chief correspondent live with more. so was the president badly hurt. >> certainly there was some confusion at first, jon. one report he had been killed that turned out to be wishful thinking on the part of the thinking. planned news conference and instead just made an audio statement on state television in which he said and i quote: i salute our armed forces and the security forces for standing up firmly to confront this challenge by an outlaw gang that has nothing to do with the so-called youth revelation
about? budget officials expecting $4 billion to $5 billion in tax revenue from wealthy californians outside experts say that projection is much too rosie. now since that began rank and file lawmakers have lost almost 5,000s ndz pay. they did not pass a budget on time. assuming they've passed and the governor signed it state lawmakers would, again start receiving paychecks. and if there are no surprises california could have a vote in the next three or four hours. >> thank you john. the pentagon announced deaths of two northern california soldiers and military operations in iraq and afghanistan today. specialist kevin on left killed sunday in afghanistan. and this 28-year-old once lived in albany on his third deployment. honors include a purple heart and bronze star. on the right is russell proctor, dying sunday after a bomb attack in iraq. he was 25 years old. and forces are trying to reclaim a popular western-style hotel. this video taken about 90 minutes ago. an official says four suicide bombers and four gunman stormed that hotel. some are still inside. it's unclear at this point
. mitt romney makes it official. he's in the presidential race. so why is sarah palin stealing tlpo s spotlight? welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe a new highly toxic strain of e. coli is to blame for the food poisoning that's killed 18 in europe and sickened over a thousand more. global health officials are racing to contain the illness which is centered on germany but they still don't know where the outbreak actually comes from. the bbc's david shukman has the story. >> this is the frontline against the battle with the back tier -- bacteria. this e. coli emerged from a source that's unknown. these are nervous times. >> there is a fear among the staff says this intensive care nurse. there are patients the same age as our children and nobody knows where this is coming from or where it will lead. identifying the bacteria is the first task. it's one that's never caused an outbreak before. and analysis revealed its virulence, understanding it should help trace its source and the quicker that's done, the faster it can be brought under control. >> this is an unpr
. mitt romney makes it official. he's in the presidential race. so why is sarah palin stealing thpotlight? welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe a new highly toxic strain of e. coli is to blame for the food poisoning that's killed 18 in europe and sickened over a thousand more. global health officials are racing to contain the illness which is centered on germany but they still don't know where the outbreak actually comes from. the bbc's david shukman has the story. >> this is the frontline against the battle with the back tier -- bacteria. this e. coli emerged from a source that's unknown. these are nervous times. >> there is a fear among the staff says this intensive care nurse. there are patients the same age as our children and nobody knows where this is coming from or where it will lead. identifying the bacteria is the first task. it's one that's never caused an outbreak before. and analysis revealed its virulence, understanding it should help trace its source and the quicker that's done, the faster it can be brought under control. >> this is an unprecedented
officials reported two people had rented a boat and had not returned a boat was found on the water but no one was and divers are still searching for the second person involved officials are waiting to notify family before releasing the names of the victim's ... chicago police released surveillance pictures of the people rock the brother of a musician billy corgan jesse andersen was robbed near the chicago stopped in the early- morning hours anderson described his attackers between 15 and 25 years old for were mell one was a female no arrests were made ... as congress heads back to work rep anthony wiener had to treatment and may be early but the stakes are real for the contenders in tonight's gop presidential host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: do dogs chase cats? ♪ 70's music ♪ sfx: squealing tires. living with diabetes is a reality for me,
of the country. the officials say it killed three people including a woman they say died trying to protect her teen able daughter by using her body to cover the girl as the stock market slammed interest them. we are told that hundreds more were hurt when the twister, look at this, when they touched down. the magnitude and severity said to be "unprecedented in massachusetts history." this dramatic video shows the cloud, one of them, blasting through the city of springfield, massachusetts, and across the border, or across the connecticut river 90 miles west of boston. >> everything blew off. everything went off. everything is gone. >> your life changes after that. >>shepard: more than a dozen communities in central and western massachusetts waking to scenes like this. the governor says he declared a state of emergency and called up 1,000 members of the national guard. and now our new england-based corporate is in springfield. what is it like on the ground? very report this is far from tornado alley and massachusetts authorities are not used to cleaning this up. it looks like tornado slammed thro
it if there is a commitment on the part of the department as well as the public officials. because public officials need to make a commitment to hold the police department accountable. if they do not do that, it does not matter what the lawyers agree upon. at the end of the day, the officers will be held accountable to the public officials and public officials -- if the public officials do not hold them accountable, and nothing positive happens in the long run. [applause] >> i think john is right. one of the important things about this conference is san francisco is different. i cannot imagine sitting at the table of the chief of police of oakland or sacramento, and the chief of police being here. it does not end the questions. it is a conversation that has to get down to important issues. it has to start and meetings like this are a start to recognize. i think it is a real positive step. [applause] >> and although i would argue many of the things that were said today on the panel -- and i cannot believe i am going to say this -- i completely agree with john burris and stuart hanlon. [applause] >> thank
we did this as a precautionary thing for the public. >> help officials say to wash up with soap and warm water and to clean your clothes immediately. residents were visibly upset about the advisory, but declined to talk to us on camera. according to the health department, the area was tested twice a week during the summer. the recent bacteria source is a rundown, and its advisers will stay up until levels return to normal. >> be tried to work along with the community to take a look at the geography in the area. we have to wait and see what the bacteria results are. >> officials will return to the area tomorrow to do another water sample. to find out when this advisory could be lifted, log onto our website, >> the coast guard is urging you to practice safe boating when you go out and the water. a person died on saturday in ocean city. this is a reminder to always wear a life jacket and to be aware of your surroundings. baltimore city police need your help in finding a missing boy. he was last seen last evening riding his bike. if you have seen him or know where he may
not want to take any chances. officials have been telling us that one of the attackers managed to get to the roof as the afghan security forces using our pg and ak-47. >> tell us why that is a target for the gunmen. >> it lies on the western part of the city, it lies on the hilltop and is one of the most protected hotels. we understand now from security officials that there is a group of governors meeting there. they're not sure whether that was the target of the attack. there is so many going on. people were seen fleeing the ceremony. in the surrounding areas, they are gone. the security forces have a very difficult job fighting several of these attackers that are still on the loose. we also understand from security officials that they have closed the guests inside the hotel and told them not to open their doors to anyone. they describe the scene as one of chaos. everyone is running around with lots of gunfire. >> what does this tell us about the ability of security forces to keep them safe? >> this is one of several attacks carried out by insurgents. a very bold one, one must admit.
and how much harder it will get in just a few minutes. >> hopefully not too much. health officials offer these tips to state say to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and caffeine, with light-colored clothing, and check and older, sicker, or frail members. poolesville open this afternoon to give people placed a call -- pools will open this afternoon to give people a place to cool down. you could find a cooling centers in your area on how do you beat the heat? bandit hits the pool. caleb and mackenzie hid in thhe ?hade -- aren't they cute share your photos on thanks for sharing. police say a car ran off ridge road near 47 and slammed into a tree. it happened 8:00 last evening. the boy died from injuries. police say he was sitting on another passenger's that in the back seat. the five other victims are between the ages of two and 20. the defense and the murder trial of a baltimore city police officer could wrap up its case today. officer gahiji tshamba took the stand wednesday in his defense. he said he took shots at iraq war veteran tyrone brown because he was af
submit your comments act >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will officially run for another four-year term as mayor. -- will run for a four-year term as mayor. she had a lot of big-name help. david collins joins us live from north west baltimore. >> the announcement drew a huge crowd and a very large contingent of a popularly elected officials. gov. martin o'malley said he is proud to endorse "this strong woman to move forward it." senator barbara mikulski recognized the mayor calls the effort in the tough budget making decisions. ben cardin said baltimore's future depends on her being elected. the lieutenant governor said that the future of maryland is intertwined with the future of baltimore. here is what the candidate herself had to say. >> i am proud to officially announce my candidacy for them -- for mayor of the great city of baltimore. [applause] >> we are here together because we know what we want for baltimore. better schools and safer streets for families, and stronger neighborhoods to encourage new investment and job growth. uygurs year together because we want re
baltimreore street. officials are trying to p inpoint the cause. a two-alarm blaze in parkville that started in the basement around 2:30 this morning. no one was hurt. the baltimore county firefighters who lost his life while battling a blaze earlier this year is honored. his name was added to the wall of honor at a ceremony in annapolis today. he was killed on january 19. this event otters of fire and emergency services personnel who lose their livesin the line of duty. two british apache helicopters have completed successful combat missions in libya. they attacked radar establishment. commanders say the chopper's firepower equips them for a successful mission, but there is always dangerous. >> a small arms threat of rocket-propelled grenades. there are number of surface-to- air missiles in theatre. >> the apache returned safely to its carrier. meantime, libyan government officials said nato forces caused damage to a building and injured a child during a bombing raid. government representatives to a group of journalists to view the scene. later, journalists were showing a child that was inj
. >> state officials want to close the loophole that exempts certain online retailers from charging tax. the state comptroller says companies without a location in maryland are getting away with what they call a technicality. they're looking at how they can get that money back to help reduce the deficit. some lawmakers have introduced and on my tilles? . it will be -- online sales tax. it will be looked at in the general assembly. one member is in trouble tonight. baltimore city housing officials say he received thousands of dollars in assistance payments that he was not qualified for. barry simms is live with more on housing investigation. >> the tenant never lived in the house. baltimore city pay the landlord, cephas murrell, more than 12 thousand dollars in rent. -- more than $12,000 in rent. >> vanessa davis claims she was the victim of the landlord and the baltimore city housing department. we told you were story in may. she described having a section 8 vouchers and had signed a lease agreement. but she never got the keys and a landlord never allowed her to move into this home. she
. coast guard and law enforcement officials across the country will increase patrols on the water. this is the third year for the initiative. >> we want to tell folks to be safe and responsible. is just like driving an automobile. operating a vessel under the influence can be extremely dangerous. >> last year, law enforcement stopped more than 40,000 votes. coast guard officials estimate 17% of all boating deaths involved a call. a teenager is dead after a tragic accident involving a gun. police say the boy had been sleeping at a friend's house when they found a gun inside the home. while they were examining the gun, it went off shooting one of the boys in the head. police say it is a sad reminder of the serious need for gun safety. >> we want this to serve as a reminder of the extreme importance to secure weapons in your home and keep them in accessible to children. >> the boy was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. baltimore city police are investigating the circumstances of the shooting. ♪ covering the nation, the casey anthony trial did not go on as planned
,,,,,,,, >>> baltimore city school officials are promising change. >>> i'm mary bubala and don and jessica are off today. >>> this year's school assessments are close to coming. wjz is live with more. one of the schools where the investigators found cheating. mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: anyone found to be involved in a cheating scandal like this could lose their cheating licenses. the next batch of test scores is expected to come out next week. after revealing that staff at two schools cheated on the maryland school assessment tests, the school's ceo had a warning for anyone else. >> this is not to be tolerated. . there's no place to hide. >> reporter: the schools involved were where the state investigators noticed changed answers on the test. they found alternate attendance records also. >> to believe that people have to violate, in my opinion, the propriety of this and the ethics of it to demonstrate that the students can achieve, it's an insult, a terrible insult and injustice. >> reporter: starting next year, all schools in maryland will have their tests examined.
don't care about ebert's two cents. dunn was 34 years old. >>> making it official, it's anthony weiner's final day as a congressman. what he said in his resignation letter. >>> plus the major announcement anticipated from the president about the u.s. role in afghanistan. good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is tuesday, june 21st, the first official day of summer. >> it is indeed. let's take a live look outside. humidity headed our way. going to have some heat as well as we go through this week. tom kierein is here with the forecast. >>> astronomical summer arrives at 1:16 this afternoon. it's certainly feeling like summertime with increased humidity. hotter today than yesterday. maybe add eight, nine, or ten degrees for the afternoon temperatures. right now it's comfortably cool. we've had overnight light rain. some of the area roads are still wet. watch out for that. still a little bit slick with wet roadways. right now getting lingering sprinkles in southern prince george's county, northern charles. and along interstate 95 from d
on security forces across the country. officials insist with the same, the number of a killing of soldiers and police. >> and these people are dead and we have bodies and corpses with names and dates of birth. the families, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters. >> how is it possible for some many members to be killed so quickly. the army has been used to crush protests movements in many towns and cities. according to unconfirmed reports, there is a mean the against one of the units leaving troops fighting each other. and regardless, whether it has proved to be true or not, a growing number of countries says it is time for the regime to go. >> it is now very clear in syria. the process of reform, we think that they have lost the ability to rule the country. >> that is certainly the feeling of those involved in the protest movement. have been burying their dead. he witnessed one of the bloodiest episodes in this uprising and could now face further military action. >> american officials say the president of yemen was more seriously wounded by rocket attack last wednesday than previously thought.
enough. right? >> reporter: yeah, and now they are banding together to get the attention of top officials that can do something about it. parents of kids have been lobbying for months about the overcrowding there. later this morning, they will tour the school with state senator broachen and hoping it's the first step to change. it was originally designed for about 500 students. but more than 620 students went there this school year. it's the most crowded elementary school in the county. the school is long overdue for a renovation and parents hopetheir lobbying will move the project up the priority list. earlier this week, parents gabe out about 300 yard signs in stonely and other neighborhoods to urge officials to fund the schools. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. >>> time to national news. look at your screen this morningif you have the time. more surveillance video of another tornado. this one moved through georgia back in april. the video comes from the sheriff department. and in the distance you can see the storm going across the interstate and plowing its way towa
about the ability of afghan forces to take over after nato. >> senior officials say let's not jump into any conclusions. attacks do happen anywhere. one of the aides to president karzai was giving the example of india and said the afghan security forces have been able to put down such attacks in a matter of hours. there are terrorist attacks and likely to increase in the future and the afghan security forces should not be judged for a terrorist attack like this but this will shatter the confidence of the afghan people and the security forces. this is a second attack in as many as 10 or 14 days. so, the attackers have struck right at the heart of kabul. they say the insurgents are working extremely hard to strike right at the heart of kabul because they believe this will create potential for them. >> thank you very much from the scene of that breaking news. officials in kabul have issued an arrest warrant for the former governor of the central bank and said it is for a massive fraud. he resigned on monday. he has blamed it largely on relatives and cronies of president karzai. the au
of representatives will actually take over his office. it will stay open until new york officials figure out when and how they will replace him. >>> to another story in the news this morning, today's announcement read like a press release from a fortune 500 firm announcing a change at the top and the promotion of the number two guy. in this case it was al qaeda. the top job was vacated of course when bin laden was killed. that created a vacancy filled today. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has more on the new man in charge and the new signs of the tattered relationship these days between the u.s. and pakistan. >> reporter: nearly seven weeks after osama bin laden was killed by u.s. commandos, al qaeda finally picked ayman al zawahri as its new leader. outgoing defense secretary robert gates says zawahri is no bin laden. but al qaeda is still a serious threat. >> i think it's a reminder that they are still out there and we still need to keep after it. >> reporter: as bin laden's deputy, zawahri was the brains behind the terrorist bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa, the attac
officials shut them down and fined them $500 for not having a proper permit. really? the county is now allowing the kids to reon the stand further down the street. and they are going to thank you they are dropping the $500 fine. you can help fight childhood cancer today and tomorrow there's going to be a fund- raiser at a toys r us. alex's lemonade stand is a nonprofit organization raising money for the awareness of childhood cancer inspired by alexandria alex scott who fought cancer until the age of 8. during the event, children and their families will be invited to make donations in the fight against childhood cancer from 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. again, that is set for today and tomorrow. >>> news around the nation this morning. one of the fbi's most wanted suspects has been captured. he will make his first court appearance today long overdue many say. authorities are saying boston mob boss was arrested yesterday near los angeles after authorities received a tip. the 81-year-old had been on the run since 1995 and reportedly the ins sprangs behind -- ins sprangs beh
the swollen missouri river. a levee has been breached in two places near the town of hamburg and officials are expecting new breaches in the coming days. officials say crews are working around the clock to construct a sectionary barrier. but if that doesn't work, portions of the community could be eight feet of water for weeks. >>> overseas, german health officials still don't know what's caused a deadly outbreak that so far has killed 23 people and sickened more than 2,300 officials. this morning, german officials are backtracking from blame thing an organic farm saying tests showed no connection between the sprout grown there and the strain. >>> now here's a look at other stories making news early today in america. a survival story played out last week in massachusetts's deadly tornado. the video shows a driver parking between two cars just before the storm pulled through the area. the ef-3 tore through leaving debris and construction in its wake. >>> a san diego courthouse bombing information has been released. prosecutors proved the former city employee planned to play the hero to coll
be lifted for some, but emergency management officials recommend residents stay away because of health hazards caused by the smoke. >> i don't want to come back here until the smoke's cleared out of here. >> reporter: in new mexico, some residents near the border have evacuated out of caution. one of the big concerns in that state, two power lines not far from the fire. customers have been warned of rolling blackouts, but fire officials are hopeful. >> right now we've mitigated those. at this point i don't see any threat. >> reporter: tonight, fire officials tell me if the winds don't suddenly shift and come up from the south, they could have more than 6% of this fire contained by tomorrow. getting closer to a point where they can steer this fire away from homes and not have the fire steer them. lester? >> tom llamas, thank you. >>> overseas today, syria sent elite troops, helicopters and tanks to take back a town where police and soldiers had joined anti-government protesters. in doing so, the government of president bashar al assad showed it was prepared for an all-out battle to stay
. >> reporter: so far the levees are holding but the officials are telling weary residents to boil their water unless supplies are contaminated. >> we all have to remain vigilant. >> reporter: the souris river crested at mine. ♪ about two feet lower than forecast but still shattered the record set in the 1880s. the historic flooding across the region is due to heavy spring rains and heavy snow pack. nearby the missouri river reached new highs and areas downstream continue to be threatened. this week st. joseph, missouri, is still threatened. more than 7,000 people could see the worst flooding since the 1990s. in nebraska an area protecting a nuclear power plant deflated. in mine knot over 4,000 homes and businesses have been damage and more than 11,000 people have been evacuated but so far only a few hundred are in temporary shelter. many are turning to family and neighbors instead. >> it's a very big house but because there's fam three families we have one bed with lots of stuff but it's like a sleepover so it's all good. >> for residents evacuating the area returning for the first time, it
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